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Sep 25, 2012 6:00am EDT
tested more than a dozen to find out if things have cleaaed up. (v/o)carol kuen couudn't figure out why her dishwasher wasn't cleaning her dishes very well,,and they weree turninggfilmy. (sot: carol kuen))i tried llading the diihwasher differently. i (v/o)when consumer reports evaluated detergents last year, testers found some left a whiie film on glassware. thhs used to be a clear glaas plate. consumers omplained too, so some manufacturers phosphatt-free detergents. &p (sott"we developed a tough hard-water test to evaluate these detergentss in hard paterr glasswarr is likeliie to develop a film." (v/o)and aluminum can dissolor. testerss load a disswasher with clear plates and with small aluminumm sheets that stand in for ots and trays. they add detergent and repeat this test 20 times. to see how well the detergeets clean awayyfood, consuuer reports performs another tough test. a messy mix of 17 ingredients, including peanut butter and eggs, is applied to plates, and then baked on. the worst-performing some of -3 detergents eft ffod onnthe ((/oothe lowest-rated deterggnt - green mis
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1